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How to face next 20 years world challenges: innovation hot topics

Summary of Alec Ross presentation at Ambrosetti´s 2016 Villa d´Este Summit. Alec Ross is one of the America’s leading experts on innovation and currently Distinguished Visiting Fellow at Johns Hopkins University

“Which are the attributes of a truly innovative leadership, aiming to reinvent itself and shape the future? What will be the impact of robotics in employment system?. If the last 20 years the story was the one of internet, what’s going to be the story of next 20 years?”

Much more than new connected people, even more than the great number of new devices (16 billion today, they will be 40 billion in 2020), the real difference will be made by the digitization of devices that we didn’t digitize previously.

alec-ross_attention-768x849A great example of this evolution is the partnership between New Zealand’s farmers and software makers: they simply put an Ipad on the traditional tractor: the GPS produced 18 thousand of measurements of the fields, which allowed to cut the costs of running a farm 40% off and meanwhile the productivity went 40% up.

Such a great result inspired Ross’s successful future leader formula: a top manager should master and combine different skills and fields (as Zuckerberg did when he created Facebook: blending tech and behavioral psychology). A great leader must also be able to take risks and break through, bringing a generalist education to a high level of specialization.

Moreover, it’s been discussed the topic of the next wave of robots:  we’ve been used to watch them on TV shows and cartoons since 70s: by 2020 they’ll be our reality. Some positive and negative issues have been debated over social and employment sectors as well as biogenetics.

alec-ross_networkIn spite of some negative aspects, the robot wave can be very useful when it comes to medical research, for instance. Identifying cancer in a very early stage is a great goal that can really make the difference in diagnosis and treatment.

An interesting conclusion is the competitiveness enhancing power of analytic data, in each and every field – even those which are not directly linked to technology.

This huge potential turns out to be particularly winning when applied to business niches and traditional skills, as for the reliable hands of New Zealand’s farmers.

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A D.D Consultoria é uma empresa com 21 anos de existência. Nossa carteira de clientes inclui empresas de médio e grande portes. Somos associados à The European House – Ambrosetti (www.ambrosetti.eu). Através da Ambrosetti oferecemos suporte consultivo no mundo todo além de um vasto portfolio de serviços em educação executiva, eventos corporativos e projetos a governo e empresas privadas. Consulte-nos em contato@dpontod.com.br


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